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Laid Blak

Mar 10
Venue: Kyps
Address: Mr Kyps 8a Parr Street Lower Parkstone Poole
Telephone number:
BH14 0JY
01202 748945
Sold out

"Eclectic & Unique yet Familiar"

Reggae band Laid Blak was created when producer DJ Bunjy and MC Joe Peng joined forces to conquer the '90s jungle and rave scenes. Before long, 5 more members were added and after being scouted and signed to Island Records founder Chris Blackwell's label, the band were hailed by the press as the UK's leading Reggae band and the essential live festival act. They have supported acts such as John Legend, Julian Marley and Massive Attack.

A diverse mixture of musicians, Laid Blak produce a very unique sound that is familiar to many genres but resides firmly in none. With infusions of reggae, hip-hop, the occasional influx of Dn’B and even blues, they have brilliantly proven themselves eclectic without becoming a novelty act. The performance was bursting with interactions that got the crowd moving and singing, whether Laid Blak veterans or someone who just happened to pass by casually. They have both the energy and dynamism of a great live performing band, but the soul and legitimacy of an interesting listen for your own collection. For years it has puzzled me how they cannot be vastly more popular – I have rarely if ever heard negative feedback from their music, even having introduced it to a wide variety of people. For all those present it was a great party, and one that can’t be easily forgotten." - Darren Paul Thompson

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