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Stone Foundation

Nov 02
Venue: Kyps
Address: Mr Kyps 8a Parr Street Lower Parkstone Poole
Telephone number:
BH14 0JY
01202 748945
Sold out

"Unbreakable Soul Brotherhood"

The musical bond between Neil Sheasby and Neil Jones is as concrete as their band name: Stone Foundation.

"It's the same mod ethic as the first Style Council album which had a lot of guests," says Sheasby, "Or Massive Attack's Blue Lines. That's sort of the mind-set we have. Making soul music without being a retro pastiche but bringing something new to the party." "We're obviously influenced by the music we grew up with," adds Jones, "But we want to take that music forward. Really, it's reminding people what modernism is actually about. Creating something for now." The two Neils came to soul music from very different directions.

Sheasby hit adolescence as the early 80s mod revival reached critical mass, heeding the call of Dexys and The Jam to follow their muse back to Stax, Motown and the infinite riches of northern soul.

"We really wanted the album to encapsulate that mood of walking through a city," says Jones, citing Coventry's Foleshill Road as a personal topographic touchstone.

"If you walk down that street you see every element of society, white, Asian, Caribbean, it's a real melting point, and that's what Street Rituals is all about." For Weller, working with Stone Foundation has been "a privilege".

"A very mature, very accomplished album and I'm glad to have been part of it." Strong, mature and accomplished, Street Rituals is the proudest testament yet to the unbreakable soul brotherhood of Sheasby and Jones.

Never has their Stone Foundation sounded more solid.

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