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Nov 19
Venue: Kyps
Address: Mr Kyps 8a Parr Street Lower Parkstone Poole
Telephone number:
BH14 0JY
01202 748945
Sold out

"The Skill, The Passion"

Rory Gallagher was a guitarist and song-writer of huge significance and prodigious talent. His premature death in 1995 at the age of just 47 was a great loss to rock music.

Sinnerboy, named after one of Rory's best loved songs, keep Gallagher's  music alive and kicking. Gallagher's songs are often complex, with subtle passages seamlessly blended with pounding, rocking sections and difficult chord and rhythm changes. It takes a hugely talented band to pull off a fitting tribute - Sinnerboy are that band.

I have seen some great bands courtesy of Newbury Rock & Blues but this was the first time I witnessed the audience spontaneously get to their feet to give a standing ovation then refuse to allow the band off stage.

Sinnerboy are comprised of Barry Barnes on lead guitar, bassist Robin Bass and the wonderfully named Jonny Brutal on drums - a power trio just like  Gallagher's original band Taste. 

Together they have the skill, and the passion to unleash the musical heritage of Gallagher on a 21st century audience. It was good to see a lot of younger people in the audience alongside fans who had seen taste back in the day.

Sinnerboy pleased everyone with superb renditions of classic tracks such as Moonchild, Walk on Hot Coals and Do You Read Me. The audience called for, and were treated to, Shadow Play and were rocked by a monumental version  of the anthemic Brute Force and Ignorance.

Sinnerboy captured the live sound of Rory Gallagher and their love for the music they play was clear to see. This was quite simply an evening of great musicians playing great music to a highly appreciative audience.

-Review from Blues Magazine

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